Archery Overview


Archery discipline was incorporated in 2013 under the umbrella of the JRA. Coaching / practice is been done on Sundays between 8:30 am – 1:00 pm   we offer a sporting home for all those interested in archery. Whether they are interested in competitions or just spend time with this sport, whether they shoot an Olympic recurve, compound or traditional bow.   All archery enthusiasts are welcome!

Archery is between childhood dream and Zen meditation, of play, recreational and competitive sports. It looks as easily as well as elegant, but it does have its pitfalls.

It´s originally one of the oldest forms of human hunting and for a long time played an important role for long-range weapon in armed conflict.

Archery is a rather old sport and it´s harder than it looks.  Athleticism but so strength and endurance and a mental component, the body sensation, concentration and fine motor skills come together. It’s not just an old sport but honorable sport. In recent years, it has been gaining in popularity.


The bow always consists of an elastic rod-like object, the actual arc whose ends are connected by a cord, the bowstring. Traditional bows were made of wood, horn and sinew; a high-quality composite bow required a complex manufacturing process for several months. Not to be mistaken with modern compound bows which are made from alloy, fiberglass, carbon and epoxy.


The today´s compound bow is a modern version of the arch, which was invented in 1966. Beside the competition compound bow the following bows are also to be mentioned: Recurve; Bow; Long Bow; Primitive Bow as well as hunting versions from the above mentioned bows.

The most common form of the arch is the right hand bow. This means that the shooter holds the bow with the left hand and stretched the bowstring with the right hand. This is called a right-handed shooter. In a left hand bow or left handed shooters, the conditions are reversed. Choosing the bow but is not determined only by the handedness of the shooter, but also by the ocular dominance. The tendon by the arrow is supplied to the dominant eye, because this takes over the targets.

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As already mentioned, it is an Olympic discipline. Tournaments last from 3 hours up to 10 hours. The shooting distance for the men is from 90 m, 70 m, 50 m and 30 m. The women shooting distances are 70 m, 60 m, 50 m and 30 m.  The indoor shooting distance is 18 m for both, men and women.  All the official tournaments are subordinated by the WA (World Archery Federation) formally FITA. Those who still have no experience in archery are welcomed to achieve this with us. Those who are experienced archers are also welcome.  Entry into the world of archery is accessible to almost anyone, no matter what age you are or gender.