Getting Started with ISSF – Equipment

Shooting Equipment

There are numerous pieces of equipment that are needed to be able to effectively compete in ISSF Sports. The sport is equipment intensive and just as with any other sport, the quality of your equipment really makes a difference and may offer a competitive edge.

Listed below are the major items that are needed to compete at the entry level:

General Safety Equipment

Visor – 
This will help to shelter the rear sight from the glare of the surrounding light as well as to block out some visual distractions.  It therefore makes it easier to focus on the target.





Ear-plugsEar plugs – This protects the hearing as well as blocks out unwanted noise and sounds that may become a distraction.






Rifle Equipment

shooting-matShooting Mat – The mat is the foundation on which your shooting position will be built. It offers some level of comfort and protection between you and the ground.




kneeling rollKneeling Roll – The roll is the support base for shooters stationary in the kneeling position. For shooters that shoot 3-Position Rifle only.






shooting-coatShooting Coat – This is possibly the most important piece of equipment. It is made from a rigid material that supports your body’s position whilst restricting its movement. It also allows for the rifle to be attached and supported with minimum physical effort. The rubberized sections of the elbows prevent slipping when in contact with the corresponding rubber on the mat.



shooting trouserShooting Trouser – The trouser aids shooters in stability for those shooters that are stationary in the standing position. For shooters that 3-Position Rifle only.








slingSling – Connected to the supporting arm of the shooting coat, this simple “Belt-like” apparel bears the weight of the rifle and transfers it to the jacket and shooter position.







GlovesGlove – Worn on the supporting hand to act as a protective barrier between the hand and the extreme tension of the sling.