Smallbore Rifle Overview

smallbore pose

The Smallbore rifle group at the JRA currently shoots the 50m Rifle Prone (Formerly called the English Match) as outlined by the International Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF). This event requires the shooter to fire 60 shots in 55 minutes while trying to hit an area half the size of a one dollar coin 50m away. All this is done using a .22 rifle with iron sights and the naked eye. The highest possible score is 600 if scored in integers or 654 if scored in decimals (10.9 is the highest shot value).


The 50m prone is shot at various levels of competitions ranging from the Copa del Caribe regionally to the Pan American and Commonwealth Games and at the very top the Olympic Games every four years. Athletes wishing to compete at the Olympic Games must shoot a Minimum Qualifying Score (MQS) of 587/600 or 614/654.


At the club level the group trains most Saturdays on Range 1 starting at 1130am. The group is always looking to expand and welcomes new shooters and interested persons to join the group and start shooting with us. There are group matches held once per month allowing shooters to compete against each other for prizes or just bragging rights. Shooters are ranked based on the newly implemented Smallbore Ranking System (SRS). The system allows shooters to quantify their ability and compete with others within their class while striving to meet the minimum requirement for the next class.

smallbore ranking system