Smallbore Rifle

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Once you have decided to be a member of the Smallbore group you may use the rifles that are available at the club to train. Over time as you become a better shooter and better understand the sport, you may choose to purchase your own rifle. It is up to you the shooter to equip yourself with a rifle that fits you comfortably and is ideal for you as an individual shooter as no every shooter shoots and position themselves differently behind the rifle. Your options of riflesĀ  range from the less expensive basic target rifle to the premium quality rifles such as those shot by the top shooters at the club and across the globe competitively.

Here at the Jamaica Rifle Association shooters are introduced and taught the basics of the sport using the Remington 40-X .22 Long Rifle:

The Remington 40-X .22 Long Rifle

The Remington 40-X .22 Long Rifle

This rifle is relatively accurate, inexpensive and can be shot for years with no problems. As you progress, you will eventually experience the limits of the rifle and may seek to equip yourself with a rifle from one of the major brands available. These brands include Anschutz, Feinwerkbau (FWB), Bleiker and Walter. These rifles are all built on the principle of adjustability and are able to perfectly fit the style of any shooter.

The Anshutz 1913

The Anshutz 1913


In the end however the rifle is still just a piece of equipment. To be able to get the best overall results, the enter shooter and equipment system need to be at a high level.


End of Month Ranking Match:


There are group matches held once per month allowing shooters to compete against each other for prizes or just bragging rights. This match is shot under the rules of ISSF 50m Prone.

Shooters are ranked based on the newly implemented Smallbore Ranking System (SRS). The system allows shooters to quantify their ability and compete with others within their class while striving to meet the minimum requirement for the next class.

smallbore ranking system

The Hi-Lyte Shield Smallbore Competition:

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